1.1.5. Precautionary measures at operation of the car

The car is easy in management, has high dynamic and high-speed qualities. Nevertheless, you do not hurry to use completely these qualities, you will not gain confidence in its driving yet and you will not adapt to its "character".
Do not exceed the car loading specified in the management. The overload leads to damage of elements of a forward suspension bracket, to a bend of a beam of the back bridge, premature wear of tires, to vibration of a body and loss of stability of the car. The mass of freight with the luggage carrier installed on a car roof should not exceed 50 kg without excess of payload.
The soft suspension bracket of the car well absorbs fluctuations and at bystry driving on the uneven road. However sharp blows can deform axes of the lower levers and put other details of a running gear of the car out of action. Therefore at movement along such roads do not gather high speed.
Regularly check a condition of protective rubber covers of spherical support and protective caps of hinges of steering drafts. If the cover or a cap is damaged, then water and dirt gets into the hinge that causes its increased wear and destruction. Replace the damaged cover or a cap new.
For lubricant of knots and units, gas station of the fuel tank apply the materials recommended by the plant. Non-compliance with this recommendation will entail premature failure of units of the car. Especially it is necessary to remember that the AI-93 gasoline painted in orange-red color ethylated. Ethylated gasoline is poisonous. Therefore do not allow hit it on skin of hands, clothes, an upholstery of salon, and also carrying out any works as a result of which ethylated gasoline or its vapors could get into an oral cavity.
Do not include a starter at the working engine. It can lead to breakage of teeths of a driving gear wheel or flywheel.
It is not allowed to touch by means of a starter the car from the place. Begin the movement of the car on the first transfer at completely lowered lever of the parking brake. Remember that the fulfilled gases are poisonous. Therefore the room where start-up and warming up of the engine is made, has to be ventilated well.
In cold season before inclusion of screen wipers be convinced that brushes did not freeze to glasses. Non-compliance with this recommendation can lead not only to breakage of brushes, but also to failure of their electric drives.
Do not allow operation of the car with the burning control lamp of insufficient pressure of oil. Fire of a lamp is allowed with the minimum frequency of rotation of a bent shaft on the idling mode. At increase in frequency the lamp has to die away. Fire of a lamp on operating modes of the engine indicates insufficient pressure in the lubrication system.
Operation of tires with pressure differing from recommended results in their premature wear, and also to deterioration in stability and controllability of the car.
Constantly you watch purity of plugs and clips of the rechargeable battery and reliability of their connections. Remember that oxidation of plugs and clips, and also their negligent connection, cause sparking in the place of unreliable contact that can lead to failure of elements of an electric chain of system of ignition.
At installation of the rechargeable battery on the car you watch that wires were connected according to the battery specified on their tips and plugs polarity (the positive plug is more than negative).
At charging of the rechargeable battery directly on the car from a foreign source of current surely disconnect it from the generator. The rechargeable battery connects to the generator 30 plug a positive wire (a tip "+").
Not to put the generator out of action do not check its working capacity short circuit накоротко the 30 plugs for weight or for the plug "B" of the electronic regulator of tension, and also do not allow operation of the generator if the rechargeable battery is not connected to its 30 plug.