Счетчик газа

1.1.7. Storage of the car

In operation pay much attention to car storage conditions as at the annual run of 15 thousand km the car is about an hour a day in the movement. Optimum conditions for storage of the car are answered:
— the canopy where temperature and humidity correspond to environment parameters, is available the constant movement of air and there is no direct influence of solar radiation and an atmospheric precipitation;
— the heated room (an individual garage) with a temperature not below 5 °C and relative humidity of 50-70% equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation.
If the heated room (an individual garage) has an ineffective supply and exhaust ventilation, and the car is operated during the winter period or after a sink is placed in storage without preliminary drying, then destructive impacts on protective and decorative coverings repeatedly increase.
At storage of the car in the winter under a canopy or in not heated room remove the rechargeable battery, merge liquid from a windshield washer reservoir.
At storage of the car indoors into which the sunlight gets cover a body and tires with a cover from moisture-permeable material. Application of covers from the water-proof materials (tarpaulin, a film, etc.) which do not have ventilating
openings in a zone of wind and back glasses, promotes condensation on a surface of a body of moisture which at long influence can lead to body paint damage.
If the car is stored on the open parking under a cover in the winter, then the cover should not adjoin to the painted body surfaces that paint was not damaged (formation of swellings, flaking). For normal ventilation of the painted surfaces between a cover and a body lay soft laying not less than 20 mm high. By preparation of the car for long storage:
1. Wash up the car and wipe a body dry. Remove corrosion. — paint a surface with the damaged paint. Apply on a body of "Avtokonservant" or AV-70 autowax.
2. Let and warm up the engine. Stop the engine, turn out spark plugs and fill in in each cylinder 25–30 g of the engine oil which is warmed up up to the temperature of 70-80 °C then turn a bent shaft on 10-15 of turns and wrap candles.
3. Disconnect a hose of an intake of warm air from the air filter. Stick with the oiled tape (paper or fabric):
— openings of airintaking branch pipes of the case of the air filter;
— an exhaust outlet of the taking-away muffler pipe;
— opening of a ventilating tube of the fuel tank.
4. For protection against dust close the engine tarpaulin, a film or the oiled paper.
5. Put the car on supports so that wheels were raised over a basic surface.
6. Cover the car with a cover.
7. Completely charge the rechargeable battery and you store it in the dry cool place.
Service of the car in storage time (once in two months) consists in the following:
1. Remove a cover and examine the car. Smooth out the sites struck with corrosion on the painted surface and paint over.
2. Turn out spark plugs, turn a back wheel on 2–3 turns and wrap candles.
3. Turn a steering wheel on 1–1,5 turns in each party. Put in action (3–5 times) of a pedal of a brake and coupling, a pedal of an accelerator and the parking brake.