10.1. VAZ-21072 car

Dismantling of the engine
Assembly of the engine
Block of cylinders
Head of cylinders
Camshaft and its drive
 Carburetor 2105-1107010
 Carburetor 21051-1107010
Production of the fulfilled gases

Till 1994 on the VAZ-21072 cars the digatel of 2105 was applied. Since 1994 the engine 21011 began to be installed. This engine has diameter of cylinders of 79 mm (as well as at the engine 2105), but the chain drive of the camshaft. Therefore repair of engines 21011 is generally similar to the repair of the engine 2103 described in section 3.

Fig. 3-59. Scheme of check of wear (extract) of a chain: 1 — rollers

The camshaft drive chain at engines 21011 is shorter, than at 2103 since there is less than height of block of cylinders. For a new chain the distance between axes of rollers (see fig. 3-59) makes 485,875+0,4 mm. The chain is replaced if it was extended to 490 mm.
Features under repair cylinders and pistons same as at the engine 2105 and they are described below.
The engine of 2105 type of the VAZ-21072 car has the belt drive of the camshaft and diameter of the cylinder of 79 mm. Therefore there are features in dismantling and assembly of a forward part of the engine, and also under repair the block of cylinders, pistons, a head of cylinders and the drive of the camshaft.
Besides, on the VAZ-21072 car the carburetor of 2105-107010 type having a bit different diameters of jets and the adjusting sizes is installed.