Reading of codes

For communication with EBU diagnostics block serves. It is located under a ware box on the right side near EBU.
The codes of malfunctions which are stored in memory of EBU can be read by either the special diagnostic unit, or calculation of number of flashes of a lamp of "CHECK ENGINE".

Fig. 10-20. Diagnostics block: And — the contact connected to weight; In — diagnostic contact for giving of a signal on EBU; G — contact of management of an electrogasoline pump; M — contact of issue of information (the channel of consecutive data)

For reading of codes a lamp it is necessary to connect contact "In" (fig. 10-20) of a block of diagnostics to weight. The easiest to close it on weight, having connected to contact "And" which is connected to the mass of the engine.

Fig. 10-21. Delivery of a code 12 control lamp of "CHECK ENGINE"

When contacts "And" and "In" are connected among themselves, the key in the switch of ignition should be turned in situation III (Ignition), but the engine should not work. In these conditions the lamp of "CHECK ENGINE" has to highlight flashes three times in a row a code 12. It has to occur in such order: flash, a pause (1–2 c), flash, flash — a long pause (2–3 c), and still so two times (fig. 10-21).
The code 12 says that the system of diagnostics of EBU works. If the code 12 is not highlighted, then there are malfunctions in the system of diagnostics.
After highlighting of a code 12 the lamp of "CHECK ENGINE" three times highlights codes of malfunctions if they exist, or just continues to highlight a code 12 if there are no codes of malfunctions.
If more than one code of malfunctions are stored in memory of EBU, then they are highlighted everyone on 3 times.

Attention! Upon termination of diagnostics it is allowed to disconnect contacts "And" and "In" blocks of diagnostics through 15 from later switching off of ignition.