System of ignition

Fig. 10-28. Scheme of electric connections of system of injection: 1 — the engine cooling system fan electric motor: 2 — the assembly block; 3 — the idling regulator; 4 — an electronic control unit; 5 — an octane potentiometer; 6 — spark plugs; 7 — the ignition module; 8 — the sensor of provision of a bent shaft; 9 — an electrogasoline pump with the fuel level sensor; 10 — a tachometer; 11 — a control lamp of "CHECK ENGINE"; 12 — the car ignition relay; 13 — the speed sensor; 14 — diagnostics block; 15 — a nozzle; 16 — the adsorber purge valve; 17, 18, 19 — safety locks of system of injection; 20 — the relay of ignition of system of injection; 21 — the relay of inclusion of an electrogasoline pump; 22 — the relay of an electric heater of an inlet pipe; 23 — an electric heater of an inlet pipe; 24 — a safety lock of a heater of an inlet pipe; 25 — the sensor of concentration of oxygen; 26 — the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid; 27 — the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve; 28 — the air temperature sensor; 29 — the sensor of absolute pressure; And — to the plus plug of the rechargeable battery; In — to the ignition switch 15 plug; P4 — the relay of turning on of the electric motor of the fan

In system of ignition traditional distributor and the coil of ignition are not used. Here the module of ignition 7 (see fig. 10-28), consisting of two coils of ignition and the operating electronics of high energy is used. The system of ignition has no mobile details and therefore does not demand service. It has also no adjustments (including ignition advancing corner) since control of ignition is exercised by EBU.
In system of ignition the method of distribution of a spark called by method of "a single spark" is applied. Cylinders of the engine are integrated in couple 1-4 and 2–3 and sparking happens at the same time in two cylinders: in the cylinder in which the compression step (a working spark), and in the cylinder in which there is a release step (a single spark) comes to an end. Due to the constant direction of current in windings of coils of ignition sparking current at one candle always proceeds from the central electrode on side, and at the second — with side on central. Candles are applied the A17DVRM or AC.R43XLS type with a gap between electrodes of 1,0-1,13 mm.
The module of ignition receives a signal from the sensor of provision of a bent shaft, processes it and sends to EBU a basic signal with a frequency of one an impulse for 180 ° turn of a bent shaft. The ignition module also sends a signal for work of a tachometer to combinations of devices. At engine turns to 500 rpm ignition the ignition module by turning on of each coil with the set interval only on the database of frequency of rotation of a bent shaft operates.
At turns higher than 500 rpm ignition operate EBU, using the following information:
— frequency of rotation of a bent shaft;
— engine loading (absolute pressure of air);
— atmospheric (barometric) pressure of air;
— temperature of cooling liquid;
— air temperature on an admission;
— provision of a bent shaft.