System of catching of vapors of gasoline

Fig. 10-17. Unit of the central injection: 1 — the fuel pressure regulator; 2 — a nozzle; 3 — the fuel supply union; 4 — the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve; 5 — the union of removal of fuel in a tank; 6 — an adsorber purge branch pipe; 7 — a branch pipe of ventilation of a case of the engine; 8 — a branch pipe for connection of the sensor of absolute pressure; 9 — the idling regulator; 10 — the sector of the drive of a butterfly valve from a pedal in interior of the car

In system the method of catching of vapors is applied by the coal adsorber established in a motor compartment. On the idle engine of couple of gasoline from a separator move via the gravitational valve in an adsorber where they are absorbed by absorbent carbon. Then at the working engine the adsorber is blown by air and couples are sucked away to a branch pipe 6 (see fig. 10-17), and then in an inlet pipe for burning during working process.

Fig. 10-28. Scheme of electric connections of system of injection: 1 — the engine cooling system fan electric motor: 2 — the assembly block; 3 — the idling regulator; 4 — an electronic control unit; 5 — an octane potentiometer; 6 — spark plugs; 7 — the ignition module; 8 — the sensor of provision of a bent shaft; 9 — an electrogasoline pump with the fuel level sensor; 10 — a tachometer; 11 — a control lamp of "CHECK ENGINE"; 12 — the car ignition relay; 13 — the speed sensor; 14 — diagnostics block; 15 — a nozzle; 16 — the adsorber purge valve; 17, 18, 19 — safety locks of system of injection; 20 — the relay of ignition of system of injection; 21 — the relay of inclusion of an electrogasoline pump; 22 — the relay of an electric heater of an inlet pipe; 23 — an electric heater of an inlet pipe; 24 — a safety lock of a heater of an inlet pipe; 25 — the sensor of concentration of oxygen; 26 — the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid; 27 — the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve; 28 — the air temperature sensor; 29 — the sensor of absolute pressure; And — to the plus plug of the rechargeable battery; In — to the ignition switch 15 plug; P4 — the relay of turning on of the electric motor of the fan

EBU operates an adsorber purge, including the electromagnetic valve 16 (see fig. 10-28) located on an adsorber cover. When giving on tension valve, it opens, letting off steam in an inlet pipe. Control of the valve is exercised of method of pulse-width modulation. The valve joins and switched off with a frequency of 16 times a second (16 Hz). The air consumption is higher, the duration of impulses of turning on of the valve is more.
EBU turns on the adsorber purge valve when performing all following conditions:
— temperature of cooling liquid is above 80 °C;
— the control system of fuel feeding works in the mode of the closed cycle;
— speed of the car exceeds 21 km/h. After turning on of the valve the criterion of speed changes. The valve will be switched-off only at reduction of speed to 9 km/h;
— opening of a butterfly valve exceeds 2%. This factor does not play further value if it does not exceed 99%. At full opening of a butterfly valve of EBU switches-off the adsorber purge valve.