Lamp of "Check engine"

The lamp is on the dashboard and performs the following functions:
— informs the driver that there is a malfunction in a control system of the engine and the car needs to be checked whenever possible quicker.
— gives the diagnostic codes which are stored in memory of EBU to help the expert to find malfunction.
At inclusion of ignition the lamp lights up and while the engine does not work yet, there is a check of serviceability of a lamp and systems. After launch of the engine the lamp has to die away. If the lamp continues to burn, then the system of self-diagnostics found malfunction. If malfunction vanishes, then the lamp dies away usually through 10 with, but the code of malfunction will be stored in memory of EBU.
In case of the "changeable" nature of malfunction the lamp of "CHECK ENGINE" will burn about 10 with, and then will go out. However the corresponding code of malfunction will be stored in memory of EBU, will not be powered off it yet. When in the course of reading of codes unexpected codes are found, it is possible to assume that these codes are created by changeable malfunction and can help with diagnostics of system.