Head of cylinders

In a head of cylinders there are differences in adjustment of gaps in the valvate mechanism. Final valves on the cold engine have to have a gap within 0,18–0,22.
At a natyazhitel of a chain the plunger is fixed not by a lock ring, but a case kerneniye. Therefore order of its dismantling following.

Fig. 10-26. Natyazhitel of a chain: 1 — the cap-type nut; 2 — the case of a natyazhitel; 3 — a core; 4 — a plunger spring; 5 — a washer; 6 — a plunger; 7 — a spring; 8 — a cracker; 9 — a spring ring; And — a plunger surface; In — places of a kerneniye at a case end face

Turn off the cap-type nut of 1 (fig. 10-26), as much as possible move a plunger 6 and tighten the cap-type nut. Then utaplivy a plunger, cut edges of an opening of the case in places "In" kerneniye and take out a plunger with a spring 4. Turn off the cap-type nut and take out a core 3 together with a spring 7 and a washer 5.
The natyazhitel as it should be the return to dismantling gathers. After installation of a plunger you raskernit the case 2 in three points "In". At the same time ledges from a kerneniye should not concern a surface "And" at the movement of a plunger.