Dismantling and assembly

Fig. 10-27. Details and knots of the unit of the central injection: 1 — the screw of factory adjustment of idling; 2 — a fuel pressure regulator cover; 3 — a regulator spring; 4 — a regulator diaphragm; 5 — laying of the air filter; 6 — a nozzle; 7 — the holder of a nozzle; 8 — the fuel supply union; 9 — the union of removal of fuel; 10 — the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve; 11 — an axis of a butterfly valve; 12 — laying of branch pipes; 13 — the case of branch pipes for depression selection; 14 — the idling regulator

Turn out screws of fastening and remove the sensor 10 (fig. 10-27) of provision of a butterfly valve, a nozzle 6, the fuel pressure regulator, the case of 13 branch pipes of vacuum hoses and the regulator 14 of idling.
Turn out two screws of fastening and disconnect the fuel feeding case from the case of a butterfly valve.
Carry out assembly upside-down, paying attention to a condition of sealing laying. At installation of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve pay attention to coincidence лысок axes of a butterfly valve with the sensor drive.