10.3. VAZ-21073-40 car

Device of sistemytsentralny injection of fuel
Features of repair of the engine
Block of cylinders
Unit of the central injection

On the VAZ-21073-40 cars the engine of 1,7 l with system of the central vsprysk of fuel is installed. In this system fuel vspryskivatsya by one nozzle in the unit of the central vsprysk installed instead of the carburetor. Here fuel mixes up with air and in the form of gas mixture on an inlet pipe moves in engine cylinders.
The system of a vsprysk of fuel in combination with catalytic converter in system of release allows to reduce toxicity of the fulfilled gases at improvement of riding qualities of the car.
In the present chapter only the short description of the general principles of the device, work and diagnostics of systems of a vsprysk of fuel, an order of removal and installation of knots is given, and also features of repair of the engine are given. The device is detailed, repair and diagnostics of system with use of special devices and diagnostic cards it is described in the separate Repair manual of the central vsprysk of fuel.

1. Before removing any knots of a control system vsprysky, disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Do not launch the engine if tips of wires on the rechargeable battery are badly tightened.
3. Never disconnect the rechargeable battery from onboard network of the car at the working engine.
4. At charging of the rechargeable battery disconnect it from onboard network of the car.
5. Do not subject the electronic control unit (ECU) to temperature above 65 °C in working order and above 80 °C in non-working (for example, in the drying camera). It is necessary to remove EBU from the car if this temperature is exceeded.
6. Do not disconnect from EBU and do not attach to it sockets of a plait of wires at the included ignition.
7. Before performance of arc welding on the car, disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery and sockets of wires from EBU.
8. Carry out all voltage measurements the digital voltmeter with an internal resistance not menee10 megohm.
9. The electronic knots applied in system of a vsprysk are calculated on very small tension and therefore can be easily damaged by the electrostatic category. Not to allow damage of EBU by the electrostatic category:
— do not touch with hands plugs EBU or electronic components on its payments;
— during the work with PPZU of the control unit do not touch chip conclusions.