2.3.1. Ventilation of salon

External air can come to interior of the car:
— at the lowered glasses of doors;

Fig. 2-3. Governing bodies of ventilation and heating of salon: 1 — side nozzles; 2 — the regulator of inflow of external air; 3 — a rychazhok of change of the direction of a stream of air; 4 — the central nozzles; 5 — a control lever the heater crane; 6 — a control lever an airinflow hatch cover; 7 — the distributive lever; 8 — the switch of heating of back glass; 9 — the heater cover lever; 10 — the three-position switch of the electric fan of a heater

— through the top nozzles on the dashboard if to move to the right the distributive lever 7 (fig. 2-3) and the lever 6 of management of an airinflow hatch cover;
— through side nozzles 1 on the dashboard if to move to the right the lever 6, and the lever 7 to the left;
— through heater casing openings if to open the lever 9 a cover of a heater and to move the lever 6 to the right;
— through the central nozzles 4 directly from an airinflow box at the movement of the car if regulators 2 to open gates snuffled (summer having blown).
Movement the rychazhka 3 in the horizontal and vertical directions changes the direction of an air stream from a nozzle.
On average position of the lever 7 and in the right extreme position of the lever 6 air will arrive both through top, and through side nozzles.
In case of the movement of the car with a small speed it is possible to increase amount of the arriving air, having turned on the heater electric fan the switch 10.