3.1. Removal and installation of the engine

Put the car on the elevator or over a viewing ditch, establish an emphasis under forward wheels and hang out the back bridge from one or two parties.
Remove a cowl, disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery and from the knots of electric equipment established on the engine. Remove the rechargeable battery and a podkapotny lamp.
Merge liquid from a radiator, the block of cylinders and a heater for what turn off traffic jams on the left side of the block of cylinders and on the lower tank of a radiator, shift the top rychazhok of management of a heater to the right (to them the heater crane opens) and remove traffic jams from a broad tank and a radiator.

Not to damage a radiator, turning off a drain stopper, hold with the second key the stopper union which is sealed in a radiator. Turn off a stopper a face or cap key not to break a stopper side.

Disconnect hoses of a supply and removal of cooling liquid from the engine and remove a radiator together with the thermostat, hoses and the electric motor of the fan.
Remove the air filter, previously having disconnected from it hoses, having uncovered also the filtering element. Close the carburetor a technological cap.
Cap key turn off nuts of fastening of a reception pipe of mufflers to a final collector.
Remove the transmission, working as it is described in the head "Transmission".
Disconnect draft of the drive of butterfly valves of the carburetor and a cable of control of the air gate from the engine. Disconnect the hose of a supply of fuel and hoses going to a heater from the engine.
Hang up on таль to a traverse of TCO-3/379 and a zastropita the engine on the right side for the bracket established on a forward hairpin of fastening of a final collector, and on the left side — for an opening of fastening of a casing of coupling.

Fig. 3-3. Engine mount: 1 — a support casing; 2 — a support of a forward engine mount; 3 — a flange of the block of cylinders; 4 — an arm; 5 — an intermediate plate; 6 — the isolating plastic ring; 7 — a support spring; 8 — the buffer; 9 — a support pillow; 10 — a washer; 11 — a support of a back engine mount; 12 — the remote plug; 13 — a cross-piece of a back engine mount

Slightly pull a waist chain, turn off nuts of fastening of pillows of 9 (fig. 3-3) of a forward engine mount to a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket and take out the engine from a compartment.
Remove a heat-insulating guard of a starter, a starter and a zabornik of hot air together with the bringing hose. Remove from the block of cylinders two side arms with pillows of a forward engine mount.
Turn off bolts of fastening of coupling and remove it.
Install the engine on the car in the sequence, the return to removal. Pay special attention to connection of the engine with the transmission: the main shaft has to enter vents of the conducted clutch plate precisely.
Wash up the engine on washing installation, install it on the stand for dismantling and merge oil from a case.
Remove the carburetor, having disconnected from it hoses and draft of the drive of a butterfly valve.
Remove the fuel pump, the ignition distributor, a key 67.7812.9514 turn out candles and the sensor of the index of temperature of cooling liquid.
Take off a belt of the drive of the generator and pump of cooling liquid, remove the generator and an arm of the generator.