3.10.2. Dismantling and assembly

Establish a head of cylinders on a board of A.60335.
Disconnect a final collector and the inlet pipeline with the carburetor (the zabornik of hot air at the same time is removed).
Disconnect a final branch pipe of the cooling shirt.
Disconnect a branch pipe of removal of liquid to a heater.

Fig. 3-41. Details of the valvate mechanism:
1 — the valve; 2 — a lock ring; 3 — the directing plug; 4 — a maslootrazhatelny cap; 5 — a basic washer of an external spring; 6 — a basic washer of an internal spring; 7 — an internal spring; 8 — an external spring; 9 — a plate of a spring; 10 — crackers; 11 — the valve drive lever; 12 — a lever spring; 13 — an adjusting bolt; 14 — a lock-nut of an adjusting bolt; 15 — the plug of an adjusting bolt; 16 — a lock plate of a spring of the lever

Remove levers 11 (fig. 3-41) of valves, exempting them from springs 12. Remove springs of levers.

Fig. 3-42. Removal of springs of valves: 1 — A.60311/R adaptation; 2 — an assembly board of A.60335

Install A.60311/R adaptation, as shown in fig. 3-42, squeeze springs of valves and release crackers. Instead of figurative A.60311/R adaptation it is possible to use also stationary adaptation 02.7823.9505.
Remove springs of valves with plates and basic washers. Turn a head of cylinders and take out valves from the lower party.
Remove maslootrazhatelny caps from the directing plugs.
Collect a head of cylinders in the return sequence.