3.10.6. The directing plugs of valves

Check a gap between the directing plugs and a core of the valve, having measured diameter of a core of the valve and an opening of the directing plug.
Assembly gap for new plugs: 0,022–0,055 mm — for inlet valves and 0,029–0,062 mm — for final valves; the most admissible limit gap (at wear) 0,15 mm.

Fig. 3-47. Vypressovka of the directing plugs: 1 – mandrel of A.60153/R

If the increased gap between the directing plug and the valve cannot be eliminated with replacement of the valve, replace plugs of valves, using a mandrel of A.60153/R (fig. 3-47).
For replacement of two guides of plugs of inlet and final valves of cylinders No. 1 and No. 4 turn off two hairpins of fastening of the case of bearings of the camshaft as they prevent installation of a mandrel.
Press the directing plugs with the put-on lock ring against the stop of a ring in the plane of a head of cylinders.
After a press fitting develop openings in the directing plugs development of A.90310/1 (for plugs of inlet valves) and A.90310/2 (for plugs of final valves). Then a proshlifuyta a valve saddle also bring width of a working facet to the necessary sizes as it is stated above.