3.11.2. Adjustment of a tension of a chain

Fig. 3-55. Section of a natyazhitel of a chain: 1 — the cap-type nut; 2 — the case of a natyazhitel; 3 — a core; 4 — a spring ring; 5 — a plunger spring; 6 — a washer; 7 — a plunger; 8 — a spring; 9 — a cracker; 10 — a spring ring

Fig. 3-56. Scheme of the mechanism of the drive of the camshaft and subsidiary bodies: 1 — a camshaft asterisk; 2 — a chain; 3 — an uspokoitel of a chain; 4 — an asterisk of the roller of the drive of the oil pump; 5 — an asterisk of a bent shaft; 6 — a restrictive finger; 7 — a boot of a natyazhitel; 8 – natyazhitel of a chain.

Weaken a nut of 1 (fig. 3-55) of a natyazhitel. At the same time the core 3 is released and the chain stretches a boot 7 (fig. 3-56) which through a plunger of 7 (fig. 3-55) the spring 8 affects.
Turn a bent shaft on 1–1,5 turns in the direction of rotation. At the same time a spring of a natyazhitel, affecting a boot, will automatically adjust a necessary tension of a chain.
Tighten a nut 1 natyazhitel thanks to what the core 3 is clamped by grips of a cracker 9, and during the operation of the engine the plunger 7 is affected only by a spring 5. This spring wrings out a plunger from a head of a core 3, and between them during the operation of the engine flows the oil playing a shock-absorber role at blows of a chain into a gap.
Thanks to the guaranteed gap of 0,2-0,5 mm between a core 3 and a plunger 7 at strong blows of a chain the spring 8 comes into effect.