3.11.3. Check of the camshaft

On basic necks of the camshaft teases, zaboina, scratches, an aluminum navolakivaniye from cases of bearings are not allowed.
On working surfaces of cams wear over 0,5 mm, and also teases and wear of cams in the form of a facet is not allowed.
Install the camshaft by extreme necks on two prisms placed on a testing plate and measure the indicator a radial beating of average necks which has to be no more than 0,04 mm. If the beating exceeds the specified value, then correct a shaft on a leveling press.

On release cars till 1982 camshafts with the cams tempered by TVCh were installed. Since April, 1982 the nitrated camshafts are installed. Since 1984 on shaft year of release is marked. Since 1985 camshafts with otbely cams are installed. These shaft have a distinctive six-sided corbel between 3 and 4 cams.