3.11.5. Natyazhitel

Fig. 3-55. Section of a natyazhitel of a chain: 1 — the cap-type nut; 2 — the case of a natyazhitel; 3 — a core; 4 — a spring ring; 5 — a plunger spring; 6 — a washer; 7 — a plunger; 8 — a spring; 9 — a cracker; 10 — a spring ring

Dismantling and assembly. For dismantling of a natyazhitel of a chain remove the cap-type fixing nut 1 (see fig. 3-55), a tightening cracker 9 and a spring ring 4, then take out a plunger 7, a spring 5 and a core 3 together with a spring 8 and a washer 6.
You make assembly upside-down.
Control. Check whether is not present in crackers 9 and on a core of 3 zadir, and on the interfaced surfaces of a boot and a plunger of a natyazhitel of a chain — deep рисок. Replace the damaged details.

Fig. 3-57. A specification for check of a spring of a natyazhitel

Elasticity of a spring of a natyazhitel has to be in the limits specified fig. 3-57; at smaller elasticity replace a spring.
Check whether there is no increased wear on a boot and an uspokoitel; if it is necessary — replace them.