3.12.1. Check of level and density of liquid in the cooling system

Correctness of gas station of the cooling system is checked on liquid level in a broad tank which on the cold engine (at 15–20 °C) has to be 3-4 cm above a tag of "MIN" put on a broad tank.

Level of cooling liquid is recommended to be checked on the cold engine as when heating its volume increases and at the heated-up engine the level of liquid can rise considerably.

If necessary check the areometer density of cooling liquid which has to be 1,078–1,085 g/cm3 for liquid the A-40 Antifreeze. At the low density and high (no more than 1,085-1,095 g/cm3) liquid crystallization temperature increases that can lead to its freezing in cold season.
If liquid level in a tank is lower than norm, and density is higher than norm, then add the distilled water. If density normal — add liquid of the same density and brand what is in the cooling system.
If liquid density in the cooling system is lower than norm, add Tosol-A liquid.