3.12. Cooling system

Check of level and density of liquid in the cooling system
Filling of the cooling system with liquid
Adjustment of a tension of a belt of the drive of the pump
Pump of cooling liquid

Fig. 3-60. Cooling system: 1 — a tube of removal of liquid from a heater radiator; 2 — a hose of removal of hot liquid from a head of cylinders in a heater radiator; 3 — perepuskny a thermostat hose; 4 — a final branch pipe of a shirt of cooling; 5 — the bringing radiator hose; 6 — a broad tank; 7 — a cooling shirt; 8 — a radiator stopper; 9 — a radiator; 10 — a fan casing; 11 — the fan; 12 — a rubber support of a radiator; 13 — a pulley of the drive of the pump of cooling liquid; 14 — the taking-away radiator hose; 15 — a belt of the drive of the pump and generator; 16 — the pump of cooling liquid; 17 — a hose of supply of cooling liquid in the pump; 18 — the thermostat. Shooters specified the direction of the movement of liquid

The scheme of the cooling system is shown in fig. 3-60.