3.13.1. Oil replacement

It is necessary to replace oil on the hot engine. Completely to merge oil, it is necessary to wait not less than 10 min. after opening of a drain opening.

Fig. 3-4. Removal of an oil filter A.60312 adaptation

Replacing oil, it is necessary to replace also an oil filter which is removed by means of A.60312 adaptation (see fig. 3-4). At installation wrap the filter manually.
When replacing oil execute the following operations:
— after a stop of the engine merge the fulfilled oil and, without removing an oil filter, fill in the VNIINP-FD flushing oil to the mark "MIN" in the index of level of oil (2,9 l);
— start the engine and let's work to it on this oil of 10 min. on the minimum turns of idling;
— completely merge flushing oil and remove an old oil filter;
— put a new oil filter and fill in the oil corresponding to a season.