3.13.4. Plugs of the roller of the drive of the oil pump

Check the internal diameter of plugs, their press fitting in nests, and also coincidence of a lubricant opening in the forward plug with the channel in the block of cylinders (provorachivany plugs). The internal surface has to be smooth and without zadir.
Having measured diameters of the roller and plugs define gaps between plugs and the basic surfaces of the roller. If the gap exceeds 0,15 mm (extreme wear), and also at damage of surfaces of plugs or weakening of their press fitting, replace plugs.

Fig. 3-74. Removal and installation of plugs of the roller of the drive of the oil pump: 1 — a mandrel of A.60333/1/2

When replacing use both for removal, and for installation, a mandrel of A.60333/1/2 (fig. 3-74), observing the following:
— plugs have to be pressed in nests, at the same time the opening for oil in the forward plug has to be against the channel in the block of cylinders;

Fig. 3-69. Main sizes of the oil pump and its drive

— after a press fitting of the plug have to be finally processed and finished on internal diameter (the sizes are given in fig. 3-69). To provide full coaxiality of plugs of a shaft, development of A.90353 which at the same time processes both plugs is applied to their operational development.