3.13.6. Washing of details of ventilation of a case of the engine

Fig. 3-76. Scheme of ventilation of a case of the engine: And yes In — operation of the spool-type device of the carburetor with a small frequency of rotation of a bent shaft (A) and at high (In). 1 — a drain tube of an oil separator; 2 — an oil separator; 3 — a cover of a sapun; 4 — a hose of a suction of gases; 5 — a flame arrester; 6 — an exhaust collector; 7 — the filtering element of the air filter; 8 — a hose of removal of gases in zadrosselny space of the carburetor; 9 — an axis of a butterfly valve of primary camera; 10 — a zolotnik; 11 — a zolotnik flute; 12 — the calibrated opening

For washing disconnect hoses of 4 and 8 (fig. 3-76) of ventilation from branch pipes, take out the 4th flame arrester 5 from a hose, uncover 3 sapun and wash out them gasoline or kerosene (on some lots of cars the hose 8 is connected not to an exhaust collector 6, and directly to a cover branch pipe 3 sapun).
It is necessary to wash out also spool-type device of the carburetor, a cavity and branch pipes of the air filter on which there pass the sucked-away gases. If on the car model 21053-1107010 carburetor which does not have the spool-type device is installed it is necessary to blow compressed air an exhaust branch pipe of the carburetor with the calibrated opening.