3.14.1. Air filter

Fig. 3-77. Details of the air filter: 1 — a hose of an air inlet of warm air; 2 — a zabornik of cold air; 3 — a temperature regulator; 4 — the filtering element; 5 — a cover; 6 — a plate of fastening of the filter; 7 — the remote plug; 8 — laying; 9 — a branch pipe for removal of crankcase gases to the spool-type device of the carburetor; 10 — an exhaust collector of crankcase gases; 11 — the case of the air filter; 12 — an air inlet of warm air; 13 — the temperature regulator gate; 14 — the temperature regulator case

On the car the air filter with a temperature regulator of 3 (fig. 3-77) is installed. Shift of the gate 13 of a temperature regulator depending on temperature of air block manually a zabornik 2 and open access to warm air from an air inlet 12, or on the contrary.

...... NOTE
On a part of the released cars the air filter with the temperature regulator operated by a thermopower element can be installed. Besides, there is a gate 13 pneumatic actuator which idling the engine provides air supply only from an air inlet of the 12th warm air.

Fig. 3-78. Removal of the air filter. Shooters specified nuts of fastening of the case of the filter to the carburetor

For removal of the air filter remove its cover, take out the filtering element, turn off nuts of fastening (fig. 3-78) and remove the filter case with a temperature regulator assembled. Then disconnect from it hoses.
Carry out installation of the filter upside-down.