3.14.3. Fuel tank

Removal and installation
To remove the fuel tank from the car:
— merge gasoline from a tank;
— remove the right upholstery of a luggage carrier;

Fig. 3-81. Fuel tank and fuel-supply lines: 1 — the fuel pump; 2 — a hose from the fuel pump to the carburetor; 3 — the carburetor; 4 — a back tube; 5 — the sensor of the index of level and a reserve of fuel; 6 — a safety guard; 7 — a tube of ventilation of a tank; 8 — the fuel tank; 9 — laying; 10 — a collar of fastening of the fuel tank; 11 — a forward tube; 12 — the filter of thin purification of fuel

— pick up the phone of 7 (fig. 3-81) of ventilation of the fuel tank, disconnect wires and a hose from the fuel level sensor 5, turn off bolts of fastening and remove a tank 8.
You make installation of the fuel tank upside-down.
Cleaning and control
Remove the fuel level sensor from a tank. For removal of pollution and deposits wash out a tank gasoline. Then a stream of hot water wash out and steam a tank from the gasoline remains.
Carefully examine a tank in the area of a joint and be convinced of lack of a leak. Solder the found leak soft solder.
It is possible to solder only well washed out and steamed tank which is not containing gasoline vapors that there was no ignition at the soldering.