3.14.5. Adjustment of the drive of the carburetor

Fig. 3-90. Drive of control of the carburetor 2107-1107010: 1 — the handle of draft of control of the air gate; 2 and 17 — a sealant; 3 — draft of the drive of the air gate; 4 and 14 — returnable springs; 5 — the screw of fastening of a returnable spring; 6 — cross draft; 7 — the intermediate lever; 8 — longitudinal draft; 9 — a draft fastening bracket; 10 — an arm of fastening of the roller; 11 and 13 — levers; 12 — the roller; 15 — a lock washer; 16 — a pedal of management of butterfly valves

At completely pressed pedal of 16 (fig. 3-90) the butterfly valve of the first camera has to be completely open and the lever of a butterfly valve should not have the additional course. At the released pedal the butterfly valve has to be completely closed. If there is no it, then it is possible to agree on the provision of a pedal and a butterfly valve change of length of draft 8, curtailing or navertyvy its tip. At the same time check and if necessary adjust length of draft 6. The intercenter distance of its tips has to be 80 mm.
Draft 3 drives of the air gate and its cover needs to be fixed so that at completely extended handle 1 air gate was completely closed, and at the drowned handle — it is completely open.