3.14.6. Removal and installation of the carburetor on the car

Remove the air filter.

Fig. 3-90. Drive of control of the carburetor 2107-1107010: 1 — the handle of draft of control of the air gate; 2 and 17 — a sealant; 3 — draft of the drive of the air gate; 4 and 14 — returnable springs; 5 — the screw of fastening of a returnable spring; 6 — cross draft; 7 — the intermediate lever; 8 — longitudinal draft; 9 — a draft fastening bracket; 10 — an arm of fastening of the roller; 11 and 13 — levers; 12 — the roller; 15 — a lock washer; 16 — a pedal of management of butterfly valves

Disconnect from the lever of the drive of a butterfly valve draft 6 (see fig. 3-90) and a returnable spring 4. Disconnect from the carburetor a cable 3 drives of the air gate.
Disconnect hoses from the carburetor. Close the end of a hose of a supply of fuel a stopper not to allow fuel leak.
Remove the carburetor. Close a cap an entrance opening of the inlet pipeline.
Carry out installation of the carburetor as it should be, the return to removal. After installation adjust the drive of butterfly valves of the carburetor, and also idling of the engine.