3.15. System of production of the fulfilled gases

Fig. 3-108. Production of the fulfilled gases: 1 — laying; 2 — a reception pipe of mufflers; 3 — an arm of fastening of a reception pipe to the transmission; 4 — a collar for connection of pipes of mufflers; 5 — the forward additional muffler; 6 — the back additional muffler; 7 — the main muffler; 8 — a pillow of fastening of an exhaust pipe of mufflers

The fulfilled gases are taken away from the engine from a final collector through a reception pipe 2 (fig. 3-108) of mufflers, then via additional mufflers 5 and 6 and the main muffler 7.
Between flanges of a collector and a reception pipe sealing laying 1 is established. Pipes of mufflers connect among themselves collars 4.
The system of release is suspended on the car on three points. The reception pipe fastens to the arm 3 established on a back cover of the transmission. To a body floor two belts the main muffler and a rubber pillow the 8th exhaust pipe of mufflers fastens.
Mufflers are welded, together with pipes form non-demountable knots and at repair, in case of their exit out of operation, have to be replaced with new.