3.2. Dismantling of the engine

Remove the pump of cooling liquid, having disconnected from it and a final collector the liquid supply pipeline from a heater.
Remove from a head of cylinders a final branch pipe of cooling liquid and the pipeline of removal of liquid to a heater.

Fig. 3-4. Removal of an oil filter A.60312 adaptation

A.60312 adaptation turn off and remove an oil filter with laying (fig. 3-4).
Turn out sensors of the index of pressure of oil and a control lamp of pressure of oil, remove unions of sensors. Uncover a sapuna of ventilation of a case, a case and the oil pump. Remove a clamp of a drain tube of an oil separator and take out an oil separator of ventilation of a case.

Fig. 3-5. Otvorachivany nuts of a bent shaft key of A.50121

Fig. 3-10. Removal of a flywheel: 1 — a key; 2 — a flywheel; 3 — a bolt of fastening of a flywheel; 4 — a washer;
5 — a clamp of A.60330/R for deduction of a flywheel from a provorachivaniye; 6 — a forward cover of a case of coupling

Remove a pulley of a bent shaft, having fixed a flywheel by a clamp of A.60330/R (see fig. 3-10) and having turned off a key of A.50121 a nut (fig. 3-5).
Uncover heads of cylinders and a cover of the chain drive of the camshaft. Turn off bolts of fastening of asterisks of the camshaft and a shaft of the drive of the oil pump.

Fig. 3-6. Removal of a natyazhitel and calm of a chain: 1 — a camshaft drive chain; 2 — a bolt of fastening of a boot; 3 — a boot of a natyazhitel; 4 — a nut of fastening of a natyazhitel; 5 — the case of a natyazhitel; 6 — the cap-type nut of a natyazhitel; 7 — bolts of fastening of an uspokoitel; 8 — a bolt of fastening of an asterisk of the roller of the drive of the oil pump

Weaken the cap-type nut of 6 (fig. 3-6) of a natyazhitel of a chain, turn off two nuts 4 fastenings him to a head of cylinders, remove a natyazhitel and, having turned off a bolt 2, take off a boot 3 natyazhitel of a chain.
Turn away a restrictive finger of a chain, remove asterisks of the drive of the oil pump and the camshaft and take out a chain.

Fig. 3-7. Removal of a persistent flange of the camshaft: 1 — a persistent flange; 2 — the camshaft; 3 — the case of bearings;
4 — a hairpin of fastening of a persistent flange

Weaken nuts of hairpins of 4 (fig. 3-7). Remove the case of bearings of the camshaft. Having turned off nuts of hairpins 4 and having removed a persistent flange 1, carefully not to damage a surface of support of the case of bearings, take out the camshaft.
Turn off bolts of fastening of a head of cylinders and remove it together with a final collector and the inlet pipeline.

Fig. 3-8. Removal of the roller of the drive of the oil pump: 1 — a persistent flange; 2 — a bolt of fastening of a flange; 3 — the roller of the drive of the oil pump;
4 — a key

Remove a persistent flange of 1 (fig. 3-8) of the roller of the drive of the oil pump and take out the roller from the block of cylinders.

Fig. 3-9. Removal of an asterisk of a bent shaft universal stripper of A.40005/1/7

Universal stripper of A.40005/1/7 from a set of A.40005 remove an asterisk from a bent shaft (fig. 3-9).
Turn off nuts of conrod bolts, uncover rods and carefully take out via cylinders pistons with rods.

When dismantling the engine mark the piston, a rod, inserts of radical and conrod bearings that at assembly to establish them on the former place.

Establish a clamp of 5 (fig. 3-10), turn off bolts 3, remove a washer 4 and a flywheel from a bent shaft. Remove a forward cover of a case of coupling.

Fig. 3-11. Vypressovyvaniye of the transmission shaft bearing from a bent shaft a pusher of A.40006

Pusher of A.40006 take out the bearing of a main shaft of the transmission from a nest in cranked to a shaft (fig. 3-11).
Remove the holder of an epiploon of a bent shaft.
Turn off bolts of covers of radical bearings, remove them together with the lower inserts, remove a bent shaft, remove the top inserts and persistent half rings on a back support.