3.6. Check of the engine on the car

The repaired engine is subjected to bench tests (running in) without loading on the following cycle:
820–900 min.-1...... 2 min.
1000 min.-1...... 3 min.
1500 min.-1...... 4 min.
2000 min.-1...... 5 min.
During a running in of the repaired engine you do not bring its work to the maximum mode.
Having established at the stand and having started the engine, check the following:
— whether there is no leak of water or fuel between the interfaced details, from connections of pipelines and through laying;
— whether there is no dribble of oil from under a sealing ring of an oil filter;
— oil pressure;
— installation of ignition;
— rotation frequency idling;
— whether there are no foreign knocks.
If foreign knocks or malfunctions are found, stop the engine, eliminate them, and then continue tests.
At dribble of oil through laying between a cover and a head of cylinders or through laying between an oil case of the engine, the block of cylinders and covers tighten fastening bolts recommended
moment. If leak of oil does not stop, check whether laying is correctly established and if necessary replace them.
As after repair the engine was not earned extra yet and friction of working surfaces of new details shows considerable resistance to rotation, a certain period extra earnings is necessary.
Specified in particular treats those engines on which pistons, conrod and radical bearings, pereshlifovana of a neck of a bent shaft, and also otkhoningovana cylinders were replaced. Therefore the running in of the engine has to come to an end always on the car, with observance of the recommended speeds of the movement to start operation of the car.