3.7.2. Check of tightness of the block of cylinders

If there is a suspicion on hit of cooling liquid in a case, then at the special stand check tightness of the block of cylinders. For this purpose, having muffled openings of the cooling shirt of the block of cylinders, force in it water of room temperature under pressure of 0,3 MPas (3 kgfs/cm2). Within two minutes leak of water from the block of cylinders should not be observed.
If hit of oil in cooling liquid is observed, then without full dismantling of the engine check whether the block of cylinders has cracks in zones of oil channels. For this purpose merge cooling liquid from the cooling system, remove a head of cylinders, fill a shirt of cooling of the block of cylinders with water and give compressed air to the vertical oil canal of the block of cylinders. In case of vials of air in the water filling a cooling shirt replace the block of cylinders.