3.8.6. Check of a gap between inserts and a bent shaft

The gap between inserts and a neck of a bent shaft can be checked calculation (having measured details), or the calibrated plastic wire. For what:
— carefully clear a working surface of inserts and a conrod neck and establish group a rod piston on a neck of a bent shaft according to numbering;
— place a piece of the calibrated wire on the surface of a conrod neck, establish a cover on a rod and tighten nuts the moment of 51 N · m (5,2 kgfs · l);

Fig. 3-29. Measurement by means of a scale of width of the calibrated wire after flattening: 1 — the calibrated wire; 2 — an insert; 3 — a cover of the conrod bearing; 4 — a scale for the calibrated wire

— uncover also on the scale put on packing, determine gap size by flattening of a wire (fig. 3-29).
The nominal (settlement) gap makes 0,036–0,086 mm. If it is less limit (0,1 mm), then it is possible to use these inserts again.
At a gap bigger limit replace on these necks inserts new. If necks of a bent shaft are worn-out and are ground to the repair size, then replace inserts repair (the increased thickness, see tab. 3-1).

Figure 0,25; 0,50 etc. specify the size of reduction of diameter of necks of a bent shaft after grinding.