3.8.9. Check of a press fitting of a finger

After assembly of group shatun-palets-the piston check finger press fitting durability by means of a dynamometer key and A.95615 adaptation:

Fig. 3-33. A collected set the piston – the finger rod installed on the A.95615 device for test on a finger vypressovyvaniye: 1 — an indicator pin in contact with the end of a core; 2 — a core head in contact with a finger; 3 — a carving core with a groove; 4 — the basis; 5 — a core nut; 6 — a persistent finger of a core; 7 — the arm clip handle; 8 — an indicator arm; 9 — the indicator

— clamp the basis of 4 (fig. 3-33) of adaptation in a vice and establish on it conrod and piston group;
— lower an arm of the 8th indicator, insert into a finger opening a carving core 3 and advance it in a lug opening against the stop of a head 2 cores in a finger end face;
— screw a nut on the end of a core 5 and tighten it so that she, adjoining to a support, chose possible gaps;
— raise an arm 8 to horizontal position, fix it by the handle 7 and establish a pin of 1 indicator 9 on a head 2 cores inserted into a finger;
— install the indicator on zero and insert an emphasis 6 that the core was not turned into a groove of a carving core;
— a dynamometer key apply to a nut of the 5th core the moment 12,7 N.m (1,3 кгс.м) that corresponds to axial loading 3,92 kh (400 kgfs).
Landing of a finger in a rod will be correct if after cancellation of a dynamometer key and return of a nut to a starting position, the arrow of the indicator comes back to zero.
In case of slipping of a finger in the top head of a rod replace a rod new.