3.9.4. Inserts of radical bearings

On inserts you do not make any subracing operations. At teases, risks or deviations of an antifrictional layer replace inserts.
Check a gap between inserts and necks of a bent shaft:
— arrange a piece of the calibrated plastic wire on the checked neck;
— establish covers with radical inserts and tighten fixing bolts of covers the moment 80, 4 N · m (8,2 kgfs · м).

Fig. 3-37. Definition of a gap on a scale: 1 — a scale; 2 — the calibrated wire

— uncover and on a scale of packing (fig. 3-37) determine gap size by the size of flattening of a wire.
The gap between necks of a bent shaft and inserts can also be determined by calculation, having measured diameters of radical necks, beds under inserts and thickness of inserts.
The nominal settlement gap makes 0,050–0,095 mm. If it is less limit (0,15 mm), then it is possible to use these inserts again. At a gap bigger limit replace on these necks inserts new. If necks of a bent shaft are worn-out and are ground to the repair size, then replace inserts repair (the increased thickness, see tab. 3-4).

Sign of correctness of assembly and interface of necks to inserts is free rotation of a bent shaft.
Figure 0,25; 0,50 etc. specify the size of reduction of diameter of necks of a bent shaft after grinding.