3.9.5. Flywheel

Check a condition of a gear wreath; in case of damage of teeths replace a flywheel.
The flywheel surfaces interfaced to a bent shaft and to the conducted clutch plate have to be without scratches, zadir and to be absolutely flat.

Fig. 3-38. Flywheel: 1 — the surface of fastening to a flange of a bent shaft; 2 — the surface of fastening of coupling; 3 — a basic surface of the conducted clutch plate

If on a working surface of 3 (fig. 3-38) of a flywheel under the conducted clutch plate there are scratches, pierce this surface, removing a layer of metal no more than 1 mm thick. Then pierce a surface 2, having sustained the size of (0,5±0,1) mm and providing parallelism of surfaces 2 and 3 concerning a surface 1. The allowed not parallelism measured on extreme points of surfaces 2 and 3 should not exceed 0,1 mm.
Establish a flywheel on a mandrel, aligning it on a landing opening with the emphasis on a surface 1 (see fig. 3-38), check a beating of the planes 3 and 2. In extreme points the indicator should not show the beats exceeding 0,1 mm.