3.9.6. Check of an axial gap of a bent shaft

Axial movement of a bent shaft is limited to two persistent half rings established on both sides of the back radical bearing. From the forward party of the bearing the steel-aluminum half ring, and from the back party — ceramic-metal is established (yellow color). Half rings are made the normal thickness (2,310–2,360 mm) and increased (2,437–2,487 mm).
The axial gap between persistent half rings and persistent surfaces of a bent shaft is checked so:

Fig. 3-39. Check of an axial gap of a bent shaft

— install the indicator on a magnetic support and insert the ends of two screw-drivers, as shown in fig. 3-39;
— move a shaft with screw-drivers and check an axial gap which has to be within 0,06–0,26 mm on the indicator.
If the gap exceeds the most admissible 0,35 mm, replace persistent half rings with others, increased by 0,127 mm.

...... NOTE
The axial gap of a bent shaft can be checked also on the engine installed on the car by means of adaptation 67.8701.9510. At the same time axial movement of a bent shaft is created by pressing and an otpuskaniye of a pedal of coupling, and the size of an axial gap is determined by movement of the forward end of a bent shaft.