4.1.3. Removal and installation of coupling

Removal. Previously remove the transmission (see. "Transmission"). Turn off bolts and remove a coupling casing assembled with a press disk. At the same time it is impossible to lift this knot for a persistent flange of a press spring. Clear and blow compressed air the press and conducted clutch plates.
Installation of coupling is carried out upside-down, at the same time:
— check a condition of the bearing in an end face of a bent shaft of the engine, if necessary replace the bearing;
— check a condition of shliyets on a nave of the conducted disk and primary to a shaft of the transmission, clear vents and grease with a thin layer of jellied LSTs-15 or LITOL-24 lubricant;

Fig. 4-4. Centering of the conducted clutch plate by means of a mandrel of A.70081:
1 — a flywheel; 2 — coupling assembled; 3 — a mandrel of A.70081

— arrange the conducted disk the acting part of a nave with a ring flute towards the transmission and center a disk concerning the bearing a mandrel of A.70081 imitating shlitsevy the end of a main shaft of the transmission (fig. 4-4).