4.1.6. Removal and installation of working and main cylinders of the drive of coupling

Fig. 4-3. Working cylinder and fork of switching off of coupling: 1 — the coupling switching off bearing; 2 — a spherical support; 3 — a coupling switching off fork; 4 — a pusher; 5 — an adjusting nut; 6 — a lock-nut; 7 — an ottyazhny spring; 8 — a case stopper; 9 — the union for pumping; 10 — the cylinder case; 11 — a sealing ring; 12 — a protective cap; 13 — the piston; 14 — a sealant; 15 — a plate; 16 — a spring; 17 — a basic washer; 18 — a lock ring

First of all merge working liquid. For this purpose put on one end of a hose the union of production of air 9 (fig. 4-3) of the working cylinder, and lower another in a pure vessel, unscrew the union 9 on 1/2–3/4 turns and press a pedal until liquid is not removed from hydraulic system, then disconnect the tube connecting the main and working cylinders, disconnect an ottyazhny spring of 7 (fig. 4-3), remove the forelock from the end of a pusher and remove the working cylinder, having turned off two bolts of fastening.
For removal of the main cylinder turn off two nuts which it fastens on hairpins to an arm of pedals, and disconnect a flexible hose of a tank.
For installation of the main and working cylinders execute the above described operations upside-down.
After filling with working liquid pump over a hydraulic actuator.