4.1.7. Dismantling, control, repair and assembly of the main and working cylinders

Fig. 4-8. Details of the main cylinder: 1 — the case; 2 — a lock washer; 3 — the union; 4 — laying; 5 — a cap; 6 — a lock ring; 7 — the pusher piston; 8 — a sealing ring; 9 — the piston of the main cylinder; 10 — a spring

Main cylinder. Remove a protective rubber cap of 5 (fig. 4-8) of the case of the cylinder and a lock ring 6. It will allow to take out from the case the piston 7, a sealing ring 8, the floating piston 9 with a sealing ring and a returnable spring of the 10th piston.
The mirror of the cylinder and the external surface of the piston should not have damages and рисок. Internal diameter of the main cylinder has to be 19,05+0,025–0,015 mm.
Check a condition of a returnable spring of the piston and replace it if she lost elasticity.
Replace sealing rings. Check a protective cap on the back end of the cylinder and if the cap is damaged, replace it new. Before assembly accurately clear and wash out details brake fluid. Do not allow hit on a detail of mineral oil, gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel as from these substances rubber consolidations inflate.
After check of all details collect the main cylinder as it should be, the return to dismantling; and grease all parts of the cylinder with brake fluid or liquid for preservation of NG-213.

Fig. 4-9. Coupling switching off drive cylinder details (working cylinder): 1 — the case; 2 — the union; 3 — a cap; 4 — a pusher; 5 — a sealing ring; 6 — the piston; 7 — a sealing ring; 8 — a plate; 9 — a spring; 10 — a washer; 11 — a lock ring

Working cylinder. Remove a protective rubber cap of 3 (fig. 4-9) together with a pusher 4, take out the piston and sort it, previously having removed a lock ring 11.
After dismantling accurately wash out and check all parts as it is specified for the main cylinder. Installation of the deformed pusher is not allowed.
After check start assembly (an order the return to dismantling), grease details with liquid for a hydraulic actuator.