4.2.2. Possible malfunctions of the transmission, their reason and methods of elimination

Noise in the transmission
Cause of defect
Elimination method
1. Noise of bearings
1. Replace defective bearings
2. Wear of teeths of gear wheels and synchronizers
2. Replace worn-out details
3. Insufficient level of oil in the transmission
3. Add oil. If necessary remove the causes of oil leak
4. Axial movement of shaft
4. Replace the details fixing bearings, or bearings
The complicated gear shifting
1. Incomplete switching off of coupling
1. See the subsection "Coupling"
2. Jamming of the spherical hinge of the lever of gear shifting
2. Smooth out the interfaced surfaces of the spherical hinge
3. Deformation of the lever of gear shifting
3. Eliminate deformation or replace the lever new
4. Hard movement of rods of forks (agnails, pollution of nests of rods, jamming of blocking
4. Repair or replace worn-out details
5. The hard movement of the sliding coupling on a nave at pollution of shliyets
5. Clear details
6. Deformation of forks of gear shifting
6. Correct forks, if necessary
replace them
Spontaneous switching off or indistinct inclusion of transfers
1. Wear of balls and nests of rods, elasticity loss
springs of clamps
1. Replace the damaged details new
2. Wear of the blocking synchronizer rings
2. Replace the blocking rings
3. Breakage of a spring of the synchronizer
3. Replace a spring
4. Wear of teeths of the coupling of the synchronizer or gear wreath of the synchronizer
4. Replace the coupling or a gear wheel
Oil leak
1. Wear of epiploons of primary and secondary shaft
1. Replace epiploons
2. Weakening of fastening of covers of a case of the transmission, damage of sealing laying
2. Tighten nuts (the moment is specified in the appendix) or replace sealing laying
3. Weakening of fastening of a case of coupling to a case
3. Tighten nuts