4.3.2. Removal and installation

Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch. Put an emphasis under forward wheels, release the parking brake and install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation. Lift the back bridge so that back wheels could rotate freely.
Remove a safety arm.

Fig. 4-14. Elastic coupling of connection of the driveshaft with the transmission:
1 — bolts of fastening of a flange of the driveshaft to the elastic coupling; 2 — nuts of bolts of fastening of a flange of a secondary shaft of the transmission to the elastic coupling; 3 — A.70025 adaptation;
4 — the elastic coupling; 5 — a cross-piece of a back engine mount

Establish a collar of A.70025 on the elastic coupling (fig. 4-14) and, turning a shaft, turn off nuts of bolts of fastening of a flange of the elastic coupling; remove bolts, and then a coupling collar.
Disconnect the back driveshaft from a flange of the leading gear wheel of the main transfer.
Disconnect an ottyazhny spring of a guide of a back cable of the parking brake.
Disconnect a cross-piece of an intermediate support from a body floor and remove cardan transfer in the direction of a forward part of the car.
Assembled install cardan transfer on the car as it should be, the return to removal.