4.3.4. Dismantling

Put the tags (paint or a core) defining the mutual provision of the divided details to connect them at assembly in the same situation and to keep invariable balancing of shaft.

Fig. 4-40. Extraction of lock rings of bearings of a crosspiece

Install the forward driveshaft in a vice. Remove lock rings (fig. 4-40).

Before dismantling of cardan hinges put tags on lock rings and the corresponding forks that at assembly to establish rings on former places.

Fig. 4-41. Vypressovka of crosspiece bearings from driveshaft forks: 1 — the needle bearing; 2 — a fork of the cardan hinge; 3 — a clamp 67.7823.9522

Vypressuyte of the case of bearings from a fork of the cardan hinge, using a clamp of 67.7823.9522 (fig. 4-41) or a drift with the hammer.
In hinges of a new design it is impossible to press off needle bearings thus because of the increased hinge fork thickness. Therefore cases of bearings press off in the following order:

Fig. 4-42. Dismantling of the cardan hinge (new design): a) first operation: 1 — a press support; 2 – plug; 3 — a hinge fork; 4 — a crosspiece; b) second operation: 1 — the cutting plug; 2 – crosspiece bearing

— install the driveshaft of one of forks of the cardan hinge on a support 1 (fig. 4-42, a) the press. Via the special plug 2 move with a rod of a press other fork (poses. 3) the hinge down to an emphasis in a crosspiece;
— having turned a hinge fork on 180 °, repeat the specified operations, that is move other end of a fork down to an emphasis to a crosspiece. When performing these operations the opposite bearing of a crosspiece partially will leave an opening of a fork and in the received gap between a fork and a crosspiece it will be possible to install the plug 1 (see fig. 4-42, c) with a sidecut;
— install the plug 1 (see fig. 4-42, c) on a crosspiece thorn, move a hinge fork down to a bearing 2 vypressovka;
— using the specified receptions, a vypressuyta other bearings of a crosspiece.

Fig. 4-43. Removal of a fork from the forward driveshaft: 1 — a stripper of A.40005/1/5; 2 — stripper levers; 3 — a fork of the forward driveshaft; 4 — the forward driveshaft

Turn off a nut of fastening of a fork of the cardan hinge to the forward driveshaft. Remove a fork a stripper of A.40005/1/5 (fig. 4-43).

Fig. 4-44. Removal of an elastic intermediate support from the forward driveshaft: 1 — shlitsevy the end of the forward driveshaft; 2 — an intermediate elastic support; 3 — podkladny half rings; 4 — a press punch

Under a press by means of podkladny half rings of 3 (fig. 4-44) remove from a forward shaft an intermediate support in a complex with the bearing and a pyleotrazhatel.

Fig. 4-45. Extraction of a lock ring of the bearing of an elastic support: 1 — a lock ring; 2 — the bearing; 3 — an elastic support

Fig. 4-46. Vypressovka of the bearing from an elastic support: 1 — a level of A.40005/2; 2 — pads of A.40005/11; 3 — a stripper of A.40005/4; 4 — pads; 5 — an elastic support

For dismantling of an intermediate support remove a lock ring (fig. 4-45), and then a stripper of A.40005/2/4/11 to a vypressuyta the bearing from a support (fig. 4-46).
Sort a back shaft, using the above described receptions.