4.3.6. Assembly

Collect driveshafts in the sequence, the return dismantling, taking into account the following instructions:
— apply FIOL-1 lubricant on shlitsevy connections;
— at connection of details combine the tags applied on demountable details before dismantling;
— after assembly of shlitsevy connection, pressing an epiploon on 0,3–0,5 mm axial loading, press out a holder on a fork pro-point;
— tighten a nut of fastening of a fork of the forward driveshaft a dynamometer key and fuller.

Fig. 4-47. A bearing press fitting in an elastic support: 1 — a mandrel of A.70045; 2 — the bearing; 3 — an elastic support

At assembly of an intermediate support press the bearing a mandrel of A.70045 (fig. 4-47) and establish a lock ring in a support pro-point.

Fig. 4-48. Details of the forward driveshaft: 1 — the elastic coupling; 2 — the aligning plug; 3 — a flange of the elastic coupling; 4 — an epiploon; 5 — an epiploon holder; 6 — the driveshaft; 7 — a pyleotrazhatel; 8 — the bearing; 9 — a lock ring; 10 — a nut; 11 — a fork of the cardan hinge; 12 — a pyleotrazhatel; 13 — an elastic support

Fig. 4-49. Installation of an elastic support on the forward driveshaft: 1 — a mandrel of A.74035; 2 — an elastic support; 3 — a back part of the forward driveshaft

Put on the back end of the forward driveshaft a pyleotrazhatel of 7 (fig. 4-48); then a mandrel of A.74035 (fig. 4-49) press a support with the bearing and put on the second pyleotrazhatel 12 (see fig. 4-48), a napressuyta a shaft a fork of the 11th forward driveshaft and fix it by a nut as it is stated above.
You carry out assembly of the cardan hinge (an old design) in the following order.
Having removed the old thickened lubricant, fill cavities in thorns of a crosspiece and grease the internal surface of cases of bearings with FIOL-2U lubricant (0,4–0,6 g on each bearing). Grease thorns of a crosspiece with a thin layer of lubricant that the airbag at assembly was not formed. Insert crosspiece thorns into a fork.
Put on cases of bearings with needles thorns of a crosspiece and press in fork openings by effort of 7840 N (800 kgfs). Establish on former places according to tags lock rings in fork pro-points. Then check an axial free wheeling of a crosspiece which has to be 0,01–0,04 mm. If the free wheeling is more than specified, replace one lock ring of smaller thickness with a ring of bigger thickness.

Fig. 4-50. Assembly of the cardan hinge: 1 — a fork of the cardan hinge; 2 — a lock ring; 3 — the bearing case; 4 — an epiploon; 5 – crosspiece thorn; 6 — a bearing needle; 7 — the measured probe; And, In, With, D — the probe petals having thickness 1,53; 1,56; 1,59; 1,62 mm

In case of replacement of details of the cardan hinge, selection of lock rings for thickness is carried out by caliber 41.8734.4092 which has four petals thick: 1,53; 1,56; 1,59; 1,62 mm. For this purpose establish a lock ring of 2 (fig. 4-50) 1,56 mm thick. At a press fitting of bearings when the crosspiece rests against the bearing case (in this case there are no gaps), 41.8734.4092 determine by caliber distance between the case of the bearing and an end face of a ring flute. Depending on the measured distance taking into account the axial gap equal to 0,01-0,04 mm, insert the second lock ring of the corresponding thickness.

Lock rings are delivered in spare parts of five (seven) * the sizes (on thickness, oo), each of which has a certain color: 1,50 (1,45) * — natural; 1,53 (1,52) * — dark brown; 1,56 (1,56) * — blue; 1,59 (1,60) * — black; 1,62 (1,48) * — yellow; (1,64; 1,67) * — colors are not designated and their thickness is defined by measurement.
* For the hinge of a new design.

For example, if there passes the petal of 1,56 mm, then it is necessary to establish a ring of 1,53 mm. If the measured probe of the smallest thickness (1,53 mm) does not pass in a flute, then a ring 2 replace with another — 1,50 mm. If the measured probe of the greatest thickness (1,62 mm) enters a flute with a gap, then 2 replace a ring with another, 1,62 mm thick.
Having established lock rings, strike bearings with the hammer with plastic brisk. Under the influence of blow it is also elastic the compressed epiploons the gap between a bottom of the bearing and a lock ring is chosen and gaps between cases of bearings and end faces of thorns of a crosspiece appear. After assembly check ease of a provorachivaniye of forks of the hinge and balancing of cardan transfer.
Assembly of the cardan hinge with stamped cases of needle bearings has the features:
— the measurement of a gap between the case of the bearing and an end face of a ring flute is carried out by two calibers, one of which has a set of petals of the probe 1,45 thick; 1,48; 1,52; 1,56 mm, and another — 1,60; 1,64; 1,67 mm;
— if the petal of the probe of the smallest thickness (1,45 mm) does not enter a gap between the case of the bearing and an end face of a ring flute, then 2 (see fig. 4-50) 1,56 mm thick replace a ring with another, 1,45 mm thick. Then repeat operations;
— if the petal of the greatest thickness (1,67 mm) enters a gap leaky, then establish a ring 1,67 mm thick in this gap, remove earlier established ring (1,56 mm) and repeat operations on selection of thickness of a ring, you will not achieve dense entry of a petal of the probe into a gap between the case of the bearing and an end face of a flute yet.