4.3. Cardan transfer

Removal and installation
Check of technical condition without dismantling
Check of technical condition
Balancing of shaft

Since 1988 on cars cardan transfer with hinges of the increased durability is established. It externally differs in the increased thickness of forks on an installation site of needle bearings, lack of metal holders under epiploons of a crosspiece and sharper transition of a pipe of the forward driveshaft in shlitsevy a tip (approximately at an angle 90 °). Cardan hinges have the improved consolidation of needle bearings. It is reached by application of epiploons of radial and face consolidation. Cases of needle bearings are stamped from sheet steel, unlike fine-molded of prutkovy steel in earlier applied cardan transfer.
The new and earlier released crosspieces of cardan hinges are interchanged. But it is undesirable to establish crosspieces of VAZ-2105, 2107 in forks of VAZ-2101 driveshafts as in these forks rigidity of stamped cases of needle bearings decreases.
Due to the change of the sizes of forks of cardan hinges the technology of razboro-assembly operation of new cardan hinges is changed. Therefore in the text the technology of repair of both old, and new hinges is described.

Fig. 4-38. Cardan transfer: 1 — a bolt of fastening of the elastic coupling to a flange of a secondary shaft of the transmission; 2 — a flange of a secondary shaft of the transmission; 3 — a rubber element of the elastic coupling; 4 — the aligning plug of a flange of the forward driveshaft; 5 — an insert of the elastic coupling; 6 — a bolt of fastening of the elastic coupling to a driveshaft flange; 7 — a flange of the forward driveshaft; 8 — an epiploon holder; 9 — an epiploon; 10 — a secondary shaft of the transmission; 11 — a mud-reflector; 12 — a nut of fastening of a flange on secondary to a shaft; 13 — a sealant of the aligning ring; 14 — the forward driveshaft; 15 — the aligning ring; 16 — a lock ring; 17 — an intermediate support; 18 — a stopper; 19 — the rubber plug; 20 — the remote plug; 21 — the back driveshaft; 22 — a flange fork of the cardan hinge; 23 — the elastic coupling; 24 — a safety arm; 25 — a balancing plate; 26 — a cross-piece of an intermediate support; 27 — a lock ring; 28 — a fork of the forward driveshaft; 29 — a lock ring; 30 — the needle bearing; 31 — an epiploon; 32 — an epiploon holder; 33 — a fork of the cardan hinge; 34 — a crosspiece; 35 — a nut of fastening of a fork; 36 — an arm of an intermediate support; 37 — an elastic pillow; 38 — the bearing case; 39 — the bearing; 40 — a mud-reflector

Fig. 4-39. Crosspiece of the cardan hinge assembled: 1 — a crosspiece; 2 — an epiploon radially — a face sealant; 3 — the needle bearing; 4 — a face washer; And, In, With — sealing surfaces of an epiploon

The device of cardan transfer is shown нарис. 4–38, and crosspieces with an epiploon of radial and face consolidation — in fig. 4-39.