4.4.2. Dismantling and assembly of the back bridge

Dismantling. Remove from the bridge the pipeline with a tee of the brake system, disconnect at the same time the ends of tubes from brake wheel cylinders.
Establish the bridge at the stand for repair and merge oil from a case.

Fig. 4-53. Vypressovka of a half shaft by means of a stripper 67.7801.9516: 1 — a half shaft; 2 — a shock stripper

Having removed the brake drum and having turned off nuts of fastening of a board of a brake, a stripper of 67.7801.9516 (fig. 4-53) take out a half shaft assembled with a maslootrazhatel, a plate of fastening of the bearing of a half shaft, the bearing and a locking ring. Remove a board of a brake and a sealing ring. In need of replacement take out an epiploon from a bridge beam flange.
Execute the same operations on other end of a beam, then remove a reducer.
You carry out assembly of the back bridge to the sequences, the return dismantling. At the same time it is necessary:
— to grease a carving of bolts of fastening of a reducer with sealant, previously having degreased their carving openings in a beam of the back bridge;
— cover a half shaft bearing epiploon before installation with LITOL-24 lubricant;
— at installation of an epiploon in a flange of a beam use a mandrel of A.70157;
— grease with graphite lubricant or LSTs-15 lubricant a landing corbel of a flange of a half shaft under the brake drum and the surface of its flange adjoining to a drum.

Install brake drums after installation of the back bridge on the car and fixing on levers of the drive of the parking brake of tips of a cable.