5.1.11. Suspension bracket springs

Carefully examine springs. If deformations which can become a working capacity cause of infringement are found, replace springs new.

Fig. 5-22. A specification for check of springs of a forward suspension bracket

It is triple having pressed out a spring before contact of rounds, check its elastic characteristic on control points (see fig. 5-22).

On length under load of 4413 N (450 kgfs) of a spring are divided into two groups: And — more than 232 mm long and In — length equal or it is less than 232 mm. Springs of group A are marked by yellow paint, and groups B — green on the outer side of rounds.

Check technical condition of the isolating laying and replace them if they have damages.
Stabilizer bar
Check whether the bar is deformed and whether there are its ends in one plane; if deformation insignificant, then correct a bar; at considerable deformation replace a bar.
Check safety of pillows in fastening arms to a body and to the lower levers of a suspension bracket; at wear replace pillows.
Cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket

Fig. 5-23. Check of a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket: 1 — openings on a cross-piece under adjusting probes of adaptation; 2 — a cross-piece; 3 — control plugs of adaptation; 4 — A.78124/R adaptation; 5 – control openings of installation of bolts on a cross-piece

For check install a cross-piece on adaptation (fig. 5-23) so that probes coincided with openings of 1 cross-piece. Screw on the ends of two bolts of a cross-piece control plugs 3 devices.
Openings of the 5th adaptation and bolts of a cross-piece which are against them have to be coaxial.
Signs of deformation of a cross-piece — impossibility of input without effort of probes of adaptation in cross-piece openings, not coaxiality of bolts of a cross-piece with plugs 3 devices. At identification of deformation which cannot be eliminated with editing replace a cross-piece.