5.1.5. Check and adjustment of a gap in hug bearings of a forward wheel

For check of a gap lift a forward part of the car, its oboprita on a support and remove forward wheels.

Fig. 5-5. Check of an axial gap of hug bearings of a forward wheel adaptation 02.7834.9505: 1 — the indicator; 2 — a bolt; 3 — an arm; 4 — a wheel nave

Under a bolt of fastening of a wheel install adaptation 02.7834. 9505 (fig. 5-5). Rest an indicator leg against an end face of an axis of a rotary fist at the zero provision of an arrow and, moving a nave along an axis of a rotary fist, measure the size of movement (gap) on the indicator.
If the gap is more than 0,15 mm, adjust it in the following order:
— turn off an adjusting nut from a pin of a rotary fist;
— establish new or former in the use, but on other car, a nut and tighten its moment 9,6 N · m (2 kgfs · l), at the same time turning a nave in both directions two-three times for self-installation of bearings;
— weaken an adjusting nut and again tighten its moment 6,8 N · m (0,7 kgfs · l);

Fig. 5-6. Scheme of adjustment of hug bearings of a forward wheel: And — a nut edge; In — a tag on a washer. Moment of tightening of a nut of 0,7 kgfs · m. Weakening of a nut on 20-25 °

— on a washer make a tag In (fig. 5-6), then release on 20-25 ° a nut so that the edge And did not reach a tag a little In;
— stop a nut in this situation, pressing holes on a nut neck into grooves on the end of an axis of a rotary fist.
After adjustment the gap in bearings has to be within 0,02–0,08 mm. At adjustment of a gap it is necessary to consider that the direction of a carving on the left pin of a rotary fist right, on the right pin — left.