5.1.6. Replacement of lubricant in bearings of naves of forward wheels

For lubricant replacement:
— weaken bolts of fastening of wheels, lift a forward part of the car and its oboprita on supports, turn off bolts and remove wheels and decorative caps;
— having unbent petals of lock plates, turn out bolts of fastening of a support of a brake; remove a support and take it aside, without disconnecting a liquid supply hose that air and dirt did not get to system of a hydraulic actuator of brakes; the support should not hang on pipelines;

Fig. 5-7. Removal of a cap of a nave of a wheel stripper 67.7801.9514

— a stripper of 67.7801.9514 (fig. 5-7) take off a cap of a nave of a forward wheel, turn off an adjusting nut and remove a washer;
— a stripper of A.40005/1/9B press a nave assembled with a brake disk, bearings and an epiploon; remove a nave from a rotary fist;
— выпрессовав a nave epiploon, remove a remote ring and an internal ring of the internal bearing with rollers assembled;
— wash out an internal cavity of a nave and bearings;
— before installation fill separators of bearings with LITOL-24 lubricant. Evenly fill space between external rings of bearings on an internal surface of a nave with the same lubricant in number of 40 g. In a nave cap, before its installation, put 25 g of lubricant;
— establish an internal ring of the internal bearing with rollers assembled and a remote ring in a nave;
— press a new epiploon in a nave, using a mandrel 67.7853.9525;
— carefully, not to damage an epiploon, establish a nave assembled with a brake disk on a rotary fist, then an internal ring of the external bearing, a washer and wrap new or former in the use, but on other car, a nut;
— adjust a gap in hug bearings as it is described above.