5.1.8. Removal and installation of a forward suspension bracket

Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch; holding a key of A.57070 the end of a rod for lysk, disconnect the top end of the shock-absorber and remove forward wheels.
Having unbent lock plates, turn off bolts of fastening of a support to an arm. Take a support aside and fix it so that it did not hang on hoses. Remove shock-absorbers with arms.
Disconnect the ends of a bar of the stabilizer of cross stability from the lower levers of a suspension bracket.
Stripper to 67.7801.9513 vypressuyta fingers from openings of levers also take steering drafts aside.

Fig. 5-8. Compression of a spring adaptation 67.7828.9504: 1 — a suspension bracket spring; 2 — adaptation screw; 3 — a basic plate

Insert the screw 2 (fig. 5-8) of adaptation 67.7828.9504 into an opening of the top support of a spring of a suspension bracket, then from below put on a round of a spring 1 and the screw 2 a basic plate 3 and fix it on a spring by a clip. From below screw a nut on the screw so that the clamp of a nut came into a nest of a plate 3. Rotating a key the screw 2, squeeze a suspension bracket spring before full unloading of levers of a suspension bracket.
Take out an axis of the top lever and disconnect it from a body. Disconnect an axis of the lower lever from a cross-piece and remove suspension bracket knot from the car.
Remove a spring, having smoothly unloaded it, remove adaptation and repeat operations for other knot of a suspension bracket.

Removing suspension bracket knots, it should be noted quantity and an arrangement of adjusting washers between an axis of the lower lever and a cross-piece, and also adjusting plates between a cross-piece and longerons of a body that at installation of knots to put these washers and plates on the former place.

Remove a mudguard of the engine and a bar of the stabilizer.

Fig. 5-9. Installation traverses of A.70526 for maintenance of the engine at removal of a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket

Supporting the engine of traversy A.70526 (fig. 5-9) or a waist, remove a cross-piece.
Establish knots and details of a suspension bracket as it should be, the return to removal. Establish springs on forward and back suspension brackets the same group (group A group B springs — green are marked by yellow paint, and). Installation on a forward suspension bracket of springs of group A, and on back group B springs is in exceptional cases allowed. On a forward suspension bracket springs only with yellow marking on an external surface of rounds have to be established.
In rubber-metal hinges tightening of nuts and axes of levers needs to be made for the prevention of the wrong distribution of efforts in the following order:
— install the car on the flat platform and put wheels parallel to a car axis;
— load the car with load of 3136 N (320 kgfs);
— in these conditions tighten a dynamometer key of a nut of fastening of axes of the top, and then lower levers and nuts of fastening of an axis of the lower lever to a cross-piece.
Check and adjust the angles of installation of forward wheels.