5.2.2. Check of technical condition

Before check carefully wash out all details.
Protect rubber details, plugs and sheetings at a sink from effect of solvents.

Fig. 5-31. A specification for check of a spring of a back suspension bracket

Check the elastic characteristic of springs on control points (fig. 5-31), it is previously triple having pressed out them before contact of rounds.

On length under load of 2990 N (305 kgfs) of a spring are divided into two classes: And — length more than 273 mm and In — length is equal or less than 273 mm. Springs of a class A are marked by yellow paint on the outer side of rounds, and a class B — green.

Check whether there is no deformation of a spring. If elasticity of a spring does not correspond to this fig. 5-31 or deformations can become a cause of infringement of operability of a spring, replace it.
Check a condition of rubber basic laying of springs; in case of need replace them new.
— whether bars are deformed; if it is possible, straighten them;
— whether there are no cracks on arms of a beam of the back bridge and a body; at detection of cracks repair arms;
— condition of elastic plugs of hinges of a bar; if necessary replace them new, using a set of devices 67.7820.9517.