6.1.1. General survey

At emergence of malfunctions in steering (knocks, the raised free wheeling of a steering wheel or, on the contrary, its hard rotation etc.) examine steering details. You perform inspection on a platform or in a viewing ditch in the following order.
Clear of pollution of a detail of the steering drive and a case of the steering mechanism. Establish wheels in the situation corresponding to the movement on a straight line.
Turning a steering wheel in both parties, be convinced that:
— the free wheeling of a steering wheel does not exceed 5 ° (at measurement on a wheel rim no more than 18-20 mm);
— in hinges, connections and the steering mechanism there are no knocks;
— fastening of a case of the steering mechanism and an arm of the pendular lever strongly (if necessary tighten threaded connections);
— in spherical hinges of draft and in an arm of the pendular lever there is no free wheeling, and the shaft of a worm does not move in the axial direction;
— the effort of turn of a steering wheel (at installation of forward wheels on a smooth plate) does not exceed 196 N (20 kgfs).
Turning adjusting couplings of side drafts, be convinced of reliability of tightening of their collars.
Check a condition of spherical hinges and protective caps, as shown below.